We are a trail running club based in the San Fernando Valley. We run the trails in the surrounding Santa Monica and Santa Susana mountains. Join us on Thursday evenings for tempo runs and Sunday mornings for long runs. No advance sign-up needed - just show up on time, introduce yourself and off we go.

Run with us for free. If you like us then consider joining the club. Dues are $35/year, which pays for post-run drinks and club insurance under the RRCA.

Membership dues help pay for post run drinks and club insurance under RRCA.
Individual = $35/year
Family in same household = $60/ Year

Starting 1/10/2016 membership is free to fulltime students.

The original "Basin Blues Running Club" goes back to 1962. It was group of Birmingham/Reseda/Van Nuys high school runners who went to UCLA and lived and trained in the Valley. They c ame up with the name because they trained in the Sepulveda Basin and were always blue because they were always injured. Those guys were really fast. If you check the UCLA track and X/C records back then, they were all over the place.

As the group aged and moved on, another group took over. The club eventually faded off in the 80's but in the 90's a group of the club remnants revives the club. Former President Duffy and Lynn and I pondered that and accepted the challenge, held an open meeting in a pizza place at Roscoe and Louise to get an idea of who was interested and what they wanted. About 50 people showed up. Checks were collected from everyone (dues: $25.00) to get it started. It took a year and a half to get the state of California to issue the paperwork (due to a couple of liens and some other bills against the old name we had to re-incorporate as New Basin Blues). The club revived in '91 and got a .org designation to facilitate the 501 (C) 3 status so we could start doing good in the community.

Coach Pat Connelly:

  • Coaching for 50 years
  • Author of running book Go The Distance
  • Head coach at six high schools
  • Head Coach at USC
  • Assistant coach at UCLA
  • Offcial coach of the L.A.Marathon Roadrunners - 18 years
  • Nike Club Coach of the Year 2007
  • Coached LAPD Baker to Vegas Relay

  • more info on his official website : tuesdaynighttrack.com

    President: Naomi Bisagno
    Vice President: open
    Treasurer: Helga Jessen
    Secretary: Sandy Gitmed

    Board Members
    Amir Medovoi
    Alejandro Escobedo
    Naomi Bisagno
    Jennifer Sunahara
    Todd Covert

    Board Minutes
    New Basin Blues Running Club
    20929 Ventura Blvd. Ste. 47-294
    Woodland Hills, Ca. 91364
    New Basin Blues Running Club is a 503(c)3 nonprofit organization thru RCCA membership.
    New Basin Blues Running Club supports the competitive sport of running thru USTAF membership, our members can represent the club at local and national championship USTAF races by signing up with USATF under our club membership number 33-0653.

    To compete in USATF races, represent the club and benefit from additional personal sport accident insurance Join USATF