Board Candidates

Lobos Lubos Brieda
My name is Lubos Brieda. I am 37 and work as aerospace engineer. I started running about 10 years ago with a Washington D.C. team specializing in marathons. When Sandra and I moved to LA, we started looking for a team similar to what we had in D.C. and NBB was the closest thing we found.

I enjoy the simplicity of running. I never ran trails before joining NBB, but enjoy it now very much. It allows me to spend time outdoors, like hiking, but takes less time. It is also a great complement to more standard marathon training like track or tempo.

While I realize that NBB mainly specializes in trail races, I believe that NBB can also become the premier Los Angeles racing team on the road. For instance, at the recent Westlake Village Love Run, NBB totally dominated that course, with most of the top 20 finishers sporting NBB jerseys. I feel that road races generally attract a wider range of runners so having a stronger presence there would allow the club to grow by attracting new members. The club has enough members to sufficiently represent at both trail and road races, according to individual runner's preference. With a board position, I would like to help new NBB runners train for marathons and other road races.

undefined Mariela Mariscal
My name is Mariela Mariscal, I’m 37 years old and I work in the Systems Division for LACERA (Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association). I spend most of my day sitting in front of a computer analyzing data, so my preferred time away from the screen in running on the nearest trail in my hometown of Santa Clarita. I have been running for about 5 years. It’s only in the last 4 years that I discovered and have fallen in love with trail running.

When I joined NBB for the first time, I was looking for a friendly group that I could explore new trails with. A group I could fit in with as a non competitive runner, and with NBB I found exactly what I was looking for. Since joining the club I have become stronger and more confident on the trails, I have met amazing athletes I have come to admire, and have made many friends. I enjoy being able to share this experience with my entire family, including my two young sons.

In the time I have been a club member I have come to realize that there are a lot of moving parts in running this club. I notice the time, work, and efforts the board members make in ensuring our club experience is a great one. I understand it is a team effort, and it is a team that I would like to be a part of. Recently, I have been contributing to the club by helping maintain the club’s Instagram and Facebook sites, as well as the photo page on the club’s website. These are tasks I can do from work or home, and I enjoy doing. If there’s anything else I can do to help, count me in. I would like to offer my time and assistance in any way possible to continue the growth and success of the club.

Thank you for your consideration, Mariela Marshal

undefined Amir Medovoi
My name is Amir Medovoi and I’ve been running since Track and Cross Country for Taft High School. I've raced everything from the 100 Meters to the Marathon, including several Obstacle Course Races. I discovered NBB at Coach Pat Connelley's Tuesday Night Track at Birmingham High School, where I was poached from the LA Leggers by then NBB President Rene Canizales, and have been quite involved with NBB ever since. I love all the friendships I've made through NBB, the opportunities to explore new trails and of course I love racing and socializing with my NBB friends. Unfortunately, I cannot always race these days but there are other ways I can remain quite involved with NBB.

I want to see NBB flourish. I have served on the Board of Directors this last 2- year term and with your vote I hope to serve another term. I have made every meeting during my tenure as a Board Director, taken and posted Board meeting minutes, answered club membership inquires, lead runs and generally contributed where I can to the best of my ability. I have the club's interest at heart and I want to keep NBB fun and functional, meeting the needs of all the clubs' differing personalities and constituencies, competitive vs. recreational runners, long distance vs. short distance, walkers vs. runners, and all while not losing sight of the social and philanthropic goals that remain integral to NBB's mission and legacy. I see my purpose as enhancing the quality of the New Basin Blues experience for all members and guests thereby contributing to NBB's continuity and growth.

undefined Daisy Mendoza
My name is Daisy Mendoza and I stated by running on the roads. I began running with New Basin Blues because Alex gave me a flier at a race. I waited two years before my first run with NBB! I joined NBB on a Thursday night Caballero Canyon run. What a hard first trail run! I’ve been running with NBB ever since. My favorite part of trail runs is the snacks and social time afterward! I also like how everyone looks out for each other on the trails.

I would like to join the board to help out the club and to give back to the New Basin Blues. I would also love to see the club encourage youth running and maybe even add a kids running team.

undefined Tim Panec
I've been running since doing Cross Country and Track at Alemany High School in the early 80's. After college, I continued running for fitness and fun. I joined new Basin Blues after my wife, Caryn, found them at the Valley Crest Half Marathon 2 years ago. I enjoy the natural beauty of running trails and discovering new trails with the club. I have also found a renewed focus on cross country racing with the NBB team. Our whole family has enjoyed running with and being part of NBB running community and all the friendship and camaraderie it offers.

I stepped into the board of directors position about 6 months ago when there was a mid-year opening. My volunteer position is in creating the weekly NBB newsletter, updating club members with news and upcoming events. I would like to continue to serve on the board in order to give back to the club that gives so much to us. I would like to be sure all members are well-supported in their running goals and on the group runs.

undefined Jennifer Sunahara
Jennifer Sunahara is a current board member and has been running with NBB for 4 years. An old patient of hers ran for NBB and she literally "ran" into them at an aid station during a race. She got talked me into helping them trail sweep the course and the rest was history after that! Jennifer believes running brings people together. No matter age or ability. As a board member, she’d wants to continue helping out the running club by providing sponsors, club events and promoting the club through the community.