Earn Free Race Entry or discounted entry for our special NBB Race! 
We need your help!

Resolution Relays is Sunday Jan 6, 2019 at Hansen Dam

Use your talents, organization skills and your hands and volunteer for the open positions below.
Email info@newbasinblues.org or signup with a board member at one of the runs.

Marketing, Promotion and Fundraising:    
(free race entry for starred positions)    
Flyer Distributors    
Local Race Outreach/Fliers Coordinator*    
Local Race Rearcher - Filled    
Sponsor Outreach*    
(Sponsor Research)    
Publication Researcher/Outreach*    
Race Prep



(free race entry for starred positions)    
Volunteer Coordinator*    
Vendor Coordinator*    
Supplies Coordinator*    
Chute Coordinator*    
Aid Station Coordinator* - filled    
Parking Coordinator*    
Merchandiser(Shirts/Goodie bags)*    
Course Measure    
Banners/Visual Coordinator*    
Race Day    
(Discount for volunteers not volunteering during race)    
Packet Pickup/Registration    
Setup/Supply Transport    
Sponsor Vendor Setup    
Post Race Food(if applicable)    
Additional Photography/Video    
Chute/Finish Line/Passing Zone Setup    
Medic/First Aid    
Finish Line Standby    
Aid Station    
Clean Up    

Volunteer Appendix

Local Race Outreach/Fliers Coordinator –

Contacts RD from the local race list to get fliers in packets. Sends/ships fliers to races

Team/Coach/Club Outreach –

            Contacts local teams(including youth), coaches, running and fitness clubs and sends letter.

Sponsor Outreach –

            Finds and contacts potential sponsors and presents sponsor package.

Sponsor Coordinator –

Acts as the liaison for all sponsors and vendors in prep for race day.  Maps out all spots for vendors.  Helps organize tables and chairs(if applicable).  Helps place sponsor banners and race day promotional materials.

Publication Outreach –

Researches and reaches out to publications and websites to help promote our race

Chute Coordinator –

Gathers and plans transport for all chute/finish line materials.  Designs passing zone, start and finish line chute.

Aid Station Coordinator –

            Gathers and plans transport for all supplies for aid station(water only).  Has at least 3 people at station.  

Parking Coordinator –

Plans parking and overflow parking.  Places signs directing parking.  Aids in blocking areas where cars are not permitted.

Awards Coordinator –

Designs and Orders medals/prizes in a timely manner.  Gathers and organizes prizes and display’s prizes on race day.  Assists announcer in handing out awards at ceremony.

Merchandiser –

Designs Shirts, goodie bags(if applicable), batons and places orders, sends all images and references

Banner/Visual Coordinator -      

Designs race/sponsor banners for chute and podium backdrop(if applicable). Uses our banner contact and sends images.

Supplies Coordinator –

Assists each division in supply needs and orders/rents supplies for race day. Organizes transport for equipment