New Basin Blues Running Club News

April 23, 2017

This morning we remembered our good friend, Walter Ries. 

The group ran out to the hub. After the run we all met at the Top of Reseda to share some memories. Walter's ex-wife Lynn told us about his accomplishments; a lot of us did not know that Walter was a fantastic hurdler in high school and college. Later he moved out to California to race motorcycles and work in construction. It was after working for most of his life that he decided to give running another shot and met the New Basin Blues while running out on Balboa Park in the early 80's.  He started running ultra races after that, finishing the Western States 100 with his new running friends and was extremely proud of the WS belt buckle he earned.

Members shared their favorite memories of him and it was nice to hear the stories. It was great celebrating Walter's life today.

Below are some videos and pictures we took of the memorial in case you could not make it.

Videos >>>

Jacks says a few words >>>

Duffy recalls Walter stories >>>

Pictures >>>

Walter >>>