New Basin Blues Running Club News

September 21, 2017



18 years ago NBB members Nancy, Larry, Lynn and Duffy went to a high school XC race to cheer on the kids. They noticed a lot of them were running in basketball shoes, tennis shoes and even Vans. So on the next NBB group run they fundraised amongst the members and raised enough money to buy new shoes two for two teams.

Continuing the tradition

Our mission is to show our support to youth in our community by giving them a good start and keeping them injury-free by providing proper, professionally fitted, new running shoes.

NBB members live, work and run in the San Fernando Valley and we are inviting to runners of all levels to participate in this event. We want to lead and instill pride/ownership of our local running community onto our youth; after all they live, go to school and run this town too.

We need your help

This year we worked with Adidas, who donated new running shoes for NBB to distribute. We invited Reseda and Monroe high school cross country teams to meet us at Fleet Feet Encino, where we'll go for a run and give them their shoes afterwards. We need your help in the following:
•We need you to run with the kids. Some are fast and some are slow. They are used to running at school and we are showing them our running route.
•We need you to help staff a food section. NBB is providing breakfast and we need volunteers to help set up and clean up.
•We need you to help distribute the shoes to the kids

Want to help but can't make it to the event?

Volunteer at Rocky Peak 50K/30K on Saturday, October 14. Proceeds from this race will help fund the XC Shoe Program in the future. This year we got free shoes from Adidas but we don't know if their budget will include us in the future. To make the program sustainable we partnered up with Trail Run Events LLC to promote the race and provide volunteers.


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