Steve Matsuda's Runners Report

  • RACE RESULTS: Hahn Eco; St Geo; No Name; Big Bear North; MB
  • LOCALLY-SOURCED: Cuyamaca by Ben; SCHM Preview; Minorities Outdoor; Yosemite Harrassment
  • DID YOU SEE THAT: Four Masters Records; Emma & Jenny; Midsize Struggles; Better Predictor; Run Faked; Seasonal Run
  • NOT RUNNING BUT: Budgie Smugglers; Bird Boots; All-Woman Ascent
  • NEW BASIN BLUES: This Week; Custom Insoles; Hahn 8K; Ladies Brunch; Shout Outs



  • SANTA MONICA MOUNTAIN GOATS - Ray Miller Trail - 7:15
  • LA ROADRUNNERS - Westminster Elementary School in Venice - 7:00
  • LA LEGGERS - 1450 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica for 12 Miles - 6:15/6:45
  • SANTA CLARITA RUNNERS - Santa Clarita for up to 10 miles - 7:00
  • RUNNERGY - "Beachwood Stairs" Run4Fun - 7:30
  • Run4Care 10K/5K
  • West Covina Pumpkin 5K Run/Walk
  • RAD Runs 10K & 10 miler
  • 2016 Boyle Heights 5K Run/Walk
  • Run4Care 10K/5K


  • NEW BASIN BLUES - Griffith Park - 7:00
  • TRAIL RUNNERS CLUB - Sycamore Canyon to Chamberlain Rock for 14 miles - 7:00
  • SANTA CLARITA RUNNERS - Granary Square for 11 Miles - 6:30
  • LA RUNNING CLUB - Totem Pole in Santa Monica - 7:00
  • The Fantastic 5k, 10k, 15k, Half Marathon
  • JetBlue Long Beach Marathon & Half Marathon
  • Firefighter 5K
  • santa monica run 10k, Half Marathon
  • The 2016 Los Angeles Rose Run 5k & 1k Kids' Fun Run Benefiting The Disney Family Cancer Center



October 2016

  • 15 Race for the Rescues 10k
  • 15 Conquer Our Run: Fall's Best 5k, 10k
  • 16 SPACEROCK Trail Race 10k, 5k, Half Marathon
  • 16 Quench The Fire 5k/10k
  • 16 Spooktacular Half Marathon, 10k & 5k
  • 16 Spooktacular L.A. 10k, 5k, Half Marathon
  • 16 Village Run/Walk 2016
  • 16 Pasadena Trail Half Marathon & 5K/10K
  • 22 Every Angeleno Counts 5K & Festival
  • 22 BIOLA 5K
  • 22 Hungry Hearts International 2016 4th Annual 5k Fun Run for Refugees With Scavenger Hunt and Harvest Festival
  • 22 Bubble 5K Fun Run to benefit The Boys & Girls Club
  • 22 Hot an Dirty Mud Run - Zombie Run 5K & 10K
  • 22 ARLA USA 5K
  • 22 Purple Walk of Strength 5k for the Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita Valley
  • 22 GHS Run for Color
  • 23 Beach Fun 5k, 10k, 15k, Half Marathon
  • 23 6th Annual 5K Run/Walk/Expo In Honor of Conor
  • 23 Mission Foot Pursuit
  • 23 7th Annual STOP CANCER 5|10K Run|Walk
  • 29 Kevin's Cause Annual 5K Run/Walk and Health Fair
  • 29 Happy Halloween 5k
  • 29 Spooky Dash 5k, 10k, 15k and Half Marathon
  • 29 7th Annual Whittier Spooktacular 5K Run/Walk
  • 29 Support Our Girls: Jogging for Jugs 5K & 10K
  • 29 Conquer Our Run - Haunted Crawl 5K, 10K - Playa Del Rey, CA - 604a6dfc-4274-4d55-9d88-89cba67c8b62.png
  • 29 Carrera de los Muertos
  • 29 Fido Fun Walk Parade
  • 29 2016 I Ain't Afraid - Domestic Violence Awareness 5K & 10K
  • 29 Spooky Dash 5k, 10k, 15k, Half Marathon
  • 30 LA Cancer Challenge 5K/10K Run/Walk
  • 30 Aztlan Classic 5K & Wellness Fair
  • 30 5th Annual Halloween Trick or Treat 5k/10k Fun Run/Walk
  • 30 Monster Dash 5k, 10k, 15k, Half Marathon
  • 30 Rock n Roll - Los Angeles



>> Kenneth Hahn Eco 8K

  • Matan Mayer 26.59 5th in div, 6th overall
  • Hector Mendoza 28.11 2nd
  • Franky Ortega 30.18
  • Maggie Shearer 31.21 5th in div
  • Yanet Urciaga 31.35
  • Naomi Bisagno 32.16
  • Abby Canizales 32.55
  • Doug Humphries 34.21 1st
  • Josue Diaz 34.30
  • Tim Panec 36.17
  • Amir Medovoi 36.25
  • Akiko Crawford 39.20
  • Mario Diaz 45.38 1st
  • Helga Jessen 58.59 3rd

>> Kenneth Hahn Eco 8K Team Scoring

  • Male - New Basin Blues 3rd
  • Female - New Basin Blues - 3rd

>> St. George Marathon

  • Joe Ogata 4.00.12 5th in div

>> No Name 5030 50K

  • Eric Clifton 5:47:58
  • Luis Moreira 8.00.00

>> No Name 5030 30K

  • Caitlin Jacobsen 2.40.00 1st female, 2nd overall
  • Todd Covert 2.48.08 1st in div, 3rd overall
  • Randy Shoemaker 3:23:37
  • John Magnussen 4:45:32
  • Caroline Shahin 5.10.14
  • Mark Ryne 5:43:12

>> Big Bear North Shore Half

  • Dee Dee Urquhart 2.48.28

>> Manhattaan Beach 10K

  • Raul Lopez 54.50
  • Tynisha King 1.01.34
  • Will Cheyne 1.04.25
  • Robin Cheyne 1.12.38
  • Steve Stillman 1.24.01



>> From Ben G:

Cuyamaca 100k Endurance Run

Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, San Diego, CA

October 1, 2016

A sign on the trail read, “Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind you have to convince.” That was an awakening sign near the summit of Cuyamaca Peak after grueling long ascent from two aid stations.

The course ran along the boundary of Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. It comprised of three different sets of loops with the focal point at the start and finish. Runners accessed their drop bags at the end of each loop. Each loop was color coded orange, blue and yellow for directions.

The first and longest loop was a race on its own. It covered 32.3 miles to the park’s highest point, Cuyamaca Peak at 6500 feet. Joining me for this race were my training buddies Rowell and Peachy of Team FURT (Fil-Am Ultra Running Team). Both have trained religiously for their first 100k. I expected them to do well. My goal was sub 18 hours. Cutoff time was 19 hours.

The first eight miles were mostly single trail undulating downhill which kept the pack tight and social. It worked perfectly for my usual backpacker pace enjoying the landscape and mountain scenery. Thereafter, sound of silence filled the air as runners began the summit conquest. The tight pack vanished quickly. After refueling at Green Valley Aid Station Mile 14.2, the grinding began. The next nine miles of ascent was intimidating. Thus, I made small goals and divided this section into three. I didn’t mind being passed. Temperature started to warm up. With less than two miles to the summit, I caught up with others and boosted my confidence. The written signs a few yards to the summit provided added lift.

On paper, it appeared like the storm was over after Cuyamaca Peak. There were still forty miles of running left. The descent required eye and foot coordination plus balancing on very rocky single trail followed by vast meadows of rolling downhill until the first loop concluded. Volunteers were very assistive in handing drop bags as well as other needs such as food and hydration. This was typical at all aid stations.

The second loop was a short 12.6 miles with one major climb. The course ran through southeast corner of the park. Afternoon temperature was hot but luckily not in the 90s. I was well within my goal and slowly reeling runners. Noticeable upon my return to the basecamp were runners being carefully attended. Some couldn’t continue due to physical or health issues. Night section on this course is always cold and windy. I changed shirt, wore windbreaker, flashlights and downed two cups of hot chicken noodle soup and carried a slice of spam and cookies. This is it, eighteen miles to go.

After picking up my yellow bracelet to signify final loop, I headed to the meadows until darkness struck. Some runners were now accompanied by their pacers. The last loop covered the northern section of the park, Anza Borrego and Pacific Crest Trail overlooking amazing desert views before returning to the south to finish. My legs were tired from shuffling running and walking. Rocky trails tripped me a few times causing my goal time to fall behind at the last aid station, Pedro Fages Mile 56.5 with 6.8 miles to finish. I gathered myself and slowly got into a rhythm again to finish 17:41:56.

Mind was convinced. Mission accomplished.

>> From the Santa Clarita Runners

5th Annual SCHMP Run

Please mark your calendars for Saturday, October 15th for the 5th annual Santa Clarita Half Marathon Preview Run (SCHMPR). The run will take place near the starting line at the Hyatt Parking lot on McBean Parkway across from the mall.

Please meet at 6:45 a.m. for brief announcements and pictures. The run will start at 7 a.m. to coincide with the start time of the Marathon/Half Marathon day. Water and fuel will be provided along the course at selected areas but please bring your own if you desire. Also, there are a few drinking fountains along the course. Please join us afterwards for breakfast/brunch at Corner Bakery/Starbucks at the corner of Valencia and McBean Parkway.

This is a Race Series fun event worth three points. Please remember that all roads are open to traffic so caution should be taken. The event is free.

>> More minorities are hiking and camping — good news for makers of outdoorsy gear

Recalling the childhood fun she had at summer camp, Ciji McBride has decided to go back to the outdoors.

The 41-year-old African American beauty consultant from Baldwin Hills recently joined the Sierra Club, began taking day hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains and is planning a camping trip to Yosemite National Park next summer.

“As a kid, I always liked being in the outdoors, and as I approached my mid-30s and 40s, I said, ‘What are some of the things I like to do,’ ” she said. “You can go to bars and movies, and that’s all great, but we live in a state with great weather.”

McBride’s renewed interest in hiking and camping reflects the growing percentage of minorities spending time in the great outdoors, a significant shift for a demographic long underrepresented among campers and hikers in the U.S even as the nation’s population becomes more diverse. The development holds the promise of a potentially lucrative new market for state and national parks as well as makers of outdoorsy equipment and clothing.

>> Federal official retires amid allegations she shielded her husband in Yosemite harassment scandal

A Federal official who had been accused of protecting her husband from charges that he mismanaged Yosemite National Park during an ongoing harassment scandal announced her retirement on Monday.

Patty Neubacher, deputy regional director for the Pacific West Region, which covers 56 national parks in six states, came under scrutiny in recent months as the Interior Department and Congress investigated widespread allegations of bullying, intimidation and harassment of employees throughout the national park system.

Her husband, Don Neubacher, on Thursday announced his retirement as superintendent of Yosemite National Park, where employees and former employees had complained of a systemic failure to investigate and address allegations of harassment at the iconic California landmark. Some employees alleged that Patty Neubacher had used her position to protect the superintendent.

At a Sept. 22 hearing focused on reports that the parks have become a hostile work environment, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, (R-Utah) grilled a ranking Park Service official about the situation at Yosemite: “You have somebody on your staff who is essentially protected and empowered by his wife. How do you let that happen?”.



>> One 5K Race Yields Four American Masters Records

Blazing fast times are run by athletes over 40, including 80-year-old Libby James, who averaged 8:07 pace.

For runners in search of a fast 5K, it’s hard to top the Syracuse Festival of Races in Syracuse, New York. And on October 2, four American masters records fell at the race in the span of about an hour.

>> Life After Olympic Medals: Emma Coburn and Jenny Simpson Celebrate Together

Since the competitive season ended, the Boulder-based teammates have enjoyed parties, appearances, and a trip to the White House.

Jenny Simpson and Emma Coburn each came out of the Rio Olympics with historic performances for the United States. Coburn won the country’s first-ever medal in the women’s 3,000-meter steeplechase with a bronze, then Simpson earned a bronze of her own in the 1500 meters—also America’s first-ever Olympic medal in the women’s event. But how do athletes follow up such momentous accomplishments?

In the case of this duo, teammates coached by Mark Wetmore and Heather Burroughs in Boulder, Colorado, they continued competing in Europe, ran one last race at the Fifth Avenue Mile in New York (Simpson won), and then they began a long-awaited celebration by talking to elementary school-aged children, throwing first pitches, being honored at the University of Colorado football game, and even traveling to Washington, D.C., to meet the president.

>> In Doping Era, Midsize Races Struggle With Awarding Prize Money

The events can’t afford drug testing for winners, so instead they're instituting policies to determine which athletes are eligible to win cash.

The Dexter-Ann Arbor half marathon was held on June 5. But the winners didn’t get their prize money, which included $1,000 for the overall men’s and women’s winners, until nearly three months later.

What caused the delay? The Ann Arbor Track Club, which organizes the race, was investigating all the money winners, to make sure they didn’t have ties to doping and performance-enhancing drugs.

Club officials also asked the race’s top finishers to sign a document that makes clear they have not been suspended by the World Anti-Doping Association or are represented by coaches or agents who have more than two clients who have been similarly suspended. Then they asked the top finishers to have the document notarized.

These procedures are part of a new policy the Ann Arbor Track Club adopted that would prevent runners who are associated with doping and performance enhancing drugs from going home with prize money.

Doug Goodhue, the Dexter-Ann Arbor race director, said the track club worried the half marathon of about 3,000 runners was an easy target: too small to hold drug tests, but large enough to offer a prize purse.

“We needed to take a stand,” he said.

>> Here’s a Better Marathon Time Predictor

Your old calculator was doing it wrong.

Runner’s World has updated its Race Time Predictor to give you a more accurate assessment of your likely marathon finish time. What’s changed? For starters, when predicting a marathon time, you can now input the results of two races you recently completed, instead of just one. Because past finishing times are helpful in determining future finishing times, this info will produce a more accurate result. In addition, the new Predictor allows you to get a result adjusted for your average weekly training miles. If you ran 50 miles a week in training, you will get a faster predicted time than if you ran 20 miles a week. This is a breakthrough approach not available from other calculators.

The new Predictor is derived from data-driven research just published at Bio Med Central. The paper, titled “An empirical study of race times in recreational endurance runners,” is available as free, full text. Lead author Andrew Vickers, a sub-3-hour marathoner and cancer statistician at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, found that most pace calculators underestimate correct marathon finish times by 5 to 20 minutes. As a result, runners using the calculators to pace themselves might start too fast in their marathons—a sure recipe for failure.

>> Ultrarunner Faked Parts of Record Run Attempt, Report Says

Robert Young maintains his innocence, despite findings from a three-month investigation.

British ultrarunner Robert Young received “unauthorized assistance” during his attempt this year to break the record for fastest run across America, according to an investigation commissioned by his chief sponsor, the sports compression company Skins.

“We have identified no alternative plausible explanation for the data-of-record other than assistance, most likely in the form of riding in or on a vehicle for large parts of the attempt,” said the 101-page report, which was released Saturday.

The key finding was derived from Young’s private TomTom account, the fitness tracking service that stored data from two watches he used during the record attempt. The data showed that his cadence—the number of steps he took per minute as measured by the watch—indicated he did not run large swaths of the route during the first 24 days.

After public scrutiny mounted, the report found, Young started running the full mileage but could not maintain the rigorous pace, and ultimately dropped out, citing a foot injury.

Young, 33, has maintained his innocence.

>> Runner Captures Every Season on His One Route

Jeff Dougherty’s hyperlapse video shows how the same run can constantly change

Jeff Dougherty never thought combining his two passions—running and cinematography—could create such a mesmerizing video.

Dougherty, who posts to YouTube as The Hyperunner, recently released a hyperlapse video of him literally running through the seasons on his go-to five-mile run in Bozeman, Montana, along with his run during the Madison Marathon. While some of his other videos use the same technique, his “Running the Seasons” video has been viewed nearly 300,000 times.

“Running is just a way to get outside and see the world. It is kind of my Zen in a lot of ways,” Dougherty told Runner’s World by phone. “[It allows me to] just check out of the world and the day-to-day stress melts away.



>> Australians arrested for stripping down to briefs at Malaysian F1

Malaysian police have arrested a group of Australian men after they stripped down to reveal underwear emblazoned with the Malaysian flag at the country's Grand Prix on Sunday.

The Aussies removed their clothes and revealed their tight briefs -- colloquially known as "budgie smugglers" -- after Australian Daniel Ricciardo won the Sepang Formula 1 Grand Prix.

They were allegedly intoxicated and celebrating the Australian's fourth career F1 win, according to CNN affiliate, Seven Network.

Malaysia's Deputy Home Minister, Nur Jazlan Mohamed, told reporters Tuesday that while the country welcomed visitors, it did not appreciate the intention to "commit indecent acts to embarrass" Malaysians.

>> Therapeutic shoes help fledgling bird to hop on its own two feet

A small fledgling northern mockingbird came to the California Wildlife Center this spring from a Los Angeles animal shelter. Both of this young bird’s feet were knuckled, meaning it was walking on the tops of its toes.

Imagine if your toes were curled under all the way back to your heels and you had to “stand” on the tops of your feet.

All young birds fledge, or leave the nest, by hopping to a nearby branch or to the ground, and then they begin to practice flying.

This baby bird probably had trouble as soon as it was on the ground. It couldn’t hop around or perch on a branch—it was helpless.

Luckily, mockingbird parents are excellent caretakers and likely continued to feed this baby until it was rescued and taken to animal control and then to the California Wildlife Center in Calabasas.

Every year, eight to 10 young birds arrive afflicted with knuckling, which can be a birth defect or have other causes, such as improper diet. Whatever the cause, the condition almost certainly dooms the young bird.

The CWC, a wildlife rehabilitation facility with two full-time wildlife veterinarians, began using a therapeutic snowshoe correction method about five years ago.

>> An Excerpt from 'Wild New Brave': The First All-Woman Ascent of El Cap

In 1973, the faces of Yosemite were strikingly male. So, climbers Lynn Hill, Sibylle Hechtel, and Bev Johnson set out to prove that anything the boys could do, they could do, too. This excerpt from the film Wild New Brave tells the story of the first time Hechtel and Johnson climbed El Cap. Follow the Brave New Wild project on Instagram and website

>> How Wolves Change Rivers



>> Happening this week

  • 10/06 - Thr - 6:30PM - Balboa Park
  • 10/07 - Fri - 6PM - FREE Custom Shoe Insoles!
  • 10/08 - Sat - 9AM - Adidas Store Run - Topanga Mall
  • 10/09 - Sun - 7AM - Griffith Park - Autry Museum

>> FREE Custom Shoe Insoles

Please join us this Friday night, Oct. 7th @ 6 - 8 PM for a special fully custom orthotic making event. NBB member, Jen Sunahara, will be making orthotics for the entire NBB Club as part of her training at the Light Orthotics office located at: 30941 Agoura Road, Suite #308, Westlake Village, CA 91361

Please email NBB teammate, Caitlin, at ASAP with your shoe size to reserve your spot

>> Kenneth Hahn 8K

Last Sunday's Kenneth Hahn 8K brought out the most competitive clubs and we got a good look at what the championship race field. Overall we held our own and fought a good fight. The women all ran faster than last year and looked great in their pro racing kits and warmups provided by Fleet Feet and New Balance. Thank you for the support.

The men ran a smart race and paced each other for the first mile before going on the attack. Our team showed off our unity. This was a proud moment of how far we have come and what is really important: self-improvement and camaraderie. You guys are awesome!

P.S. Shout-out to Papi Hector for most aggressive runner of the day. He led the first mile of the race and controlled the pace which helped the rest of the team stay near the front pack. He also won 2nd place in his age division. Great job Hector... ese guey!

KH8K Official Results >>>

USATF Club XC Grand Prix Standings >>>

>> New Balance Run & Brunch

Calling all New Basin Blues Ladies!


Join us for a special event with New Balance on Saturday, October 15 at 7:30am at Fleet Feet Westlake.

We'll kick off the event with a run around the Conejo Ridge, followed by brunch, mimosas and massages. The New Balance Rep will demo new apparel and bras for the upcoming fall season.

More details to come in the weeks ahead. Please contact Abby for any questions.

>> Runner shout outs

  • Caitlin Jacobsen - For winning the NoName 30K race overall female.
  • Todd Covert - For placing 3rd of 52 overall (2nd male overall), 1st of 7 men 50-59 in the NoName 30K race. Congrats on great performance Todd!
  • Joanna Nygren - For winning the NoName 15K race overall female.
  • Luis Moreira - Ran the NoName 50 miler and gave it his best shot. We are proud of you and know you will conquer that distance soon.





OCT 8 Sat 7:30 AM Ray Miller Trail with David S.,+Malibu,+CA+90265/@34.0862951,-119.0387043,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x80e838a37fa06e2b:0xe1895d3cd9831397!8m2!3d34.0862907!4d-119.0365156

This is a beautiful run with nice ocean views! It is on the first part of the Ray Miller 30K/50K/50M course, except instead of looping back up to the ridge going clockwise, we'll go counter-clockwise and drop back down to the parking lot, making a big, 11.75-mile loop that should take around 2.5-3 hours to run.

The link below has great photos, a course description, and trail map. Zoom in on the trail map and click on the points, and the course should be pretty clear. I don't think we need to bring chalk up onto the course, perhaps we could print out maps?

The Ray Miller Trailhead is on La Jolla Canyon Rd., 1.5 miles NORTH of Sycamore Canyon Rd. location where the Goats usually have their Grad Run and picnic. Parking is free out on PCH, or park in the lot for $8 (assuming it's open that early). Meet in the parking lot or near the Ray Miller Trailhead at 7:15


Saturday mornings - Run starts at Windward Ave & Ocean Front Walk at 7:00

Park at Westminster Elementary School in Venice, 1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

>> From the LA LEGGERS:

1450 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401

Sat Oct 8 - 12 miles

6:15 am walkers / 6:45 am runners

Route: Temescal

Water Stations: Temescal & Sunset

Boston Bound 6:45 am - 12 miles

Half Marathoners not running Long Beach and wanting a shorter distance could turn around at the bottom of Temescal (6.4 miles total) or continue with the group to the end of the bike path and then return (7.4 miles total).


LoweBucks Run 7am – 9am

26415 Bouquet Canyon Rd Santa Clarita, CA

Saturday run at Lowes parking lot. 10 miles with various marked shorter routes. Coffee afterwards at Starbucks.,+Santa+Clarita,+CA+91350/@34.4266036,-118.5404349,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x80c28773c21cc6e5:0x706ff97546428b08?hl=en


"Beachwood Stairs" Run4Fun - Join us Every Saturday at 7:30am

We will have the Runnergy canopy set up by the lake entrance. We will assist runners with running form and training advice. So come join us for multiple run options. Run below the Hollywood Sign, Beachwood Stairs or for beginners, a run around the Lake. Great group for running/ training together



>> From the NEW BASIN BLUES:

10/09 - Sun - Griffith Park - Autry Museum @7:00AM


Oct 9 Sycamore Canyon to Chamberlain Rock 7:00 14 miles

The Trail Runners are a congenial group of varied abilities who run different courses in the Santa Monica Mountains every Sunday. The routes are on fire road and single-track trails varying from 9-14 miles, and are pre-marked for each run. Schedule and course descriptions can be found at . Written descriptions of many of the courses can be found in 50 Trail Runs in Southern California, written by club members. For further info, call 310-379-1068 of email us at You have a lot to gain, and not much to lose by giving it a try.


6:30 am 11 Miles

Granary Square - Ralph's Parking Lot. McBean/Arroyo Park Dr

Marathon training for the 2016 Santa Clarita Marathon. Please, bring $1 to help Rawlings to place water and Gatorate on key points or $10 for the whole session. Join us for coffee afterwards. For more information about SCR, please visit

>> From the LA RUNNING CLUB:

Every Sunday – Totem Pole – 7:00 am: San Vicente and Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica


Tread lightly,


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