Steve Matsuda's Runners Report


  • RACE RESULTS: NYC; SC; Dino; GG; Malibu; Calabasas; Hard Rock
  • DID YOU SEE THAT: Mile 17; Separate Stroller Records; Tri Champ Runs NY; Notables; World's Fastest; Quad Finish; Final Cheers; Marathon Scotch at 96; Hart's Hood-to-Coast;
  • NEW BASIN BLUES: This Week; Photos



  • NEW BASIN BLUES - Adidas Store Run - SM - 9:00
  • SANTA MONICA MOUNTAIN GOATS - Sullivan Canyon - 7:15
  • LA ROADRUNNERS - Westminster Elementary School in Venice for 6, 8 or 10 miles - 7:00
  • LA LEGGERS - 1450 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica for 14/8 miles - 6:45/7:30
  • SANTA CLARITA RUNNERS - Santa Clarita for up to 10 miles - 7:00
  • RUNNERGY - "Beachwood Stairs" Run4Fun - 7:30
  • 3rd Annual Veteran's Day 5k/10k Fun Run/Walk
  • L.A. Ultimate Wine Run 1k, 5k
  • Berzerker - Team Obstacle and Endurance Challenge 1k, 5k
  • Fall Pier to Pier Run/Walk 5k
  • Chimera 100M

>> SUNDAY - NOV 13

  • TRAIL RUNNERS CLUB - Ojai: Nordhoff peak loop for 15 miles - 7:00
  • LA RUNNING CLUB - Totem Pole in Santa Monica - 7:00



November 2016

  • 19 Be The Match Walk+Run Long Beach 1k, 5k
  • 19 Conquer Our Run 5K, 10K Turkey Quest
  • 19 2016 San Dimas Turkey Trot 10k, 5k
  • 19 Beach Dash 5k, 10k, 15k, Half Marathon
  • 19 World Toilet Day: Mo-Vember 5K - Los Angeles
  • 19 Lexus LaceUp Running Series Palos Verdes 10k, 5k
  • 19 Catalina Eco Marathon & Half
  • 19 Beach Dash 5k, 10k, 15k and Half Marathon
  • 19 West Valley Family YMCA Missile Run and Family Fun Run 10k
  • 19 Chino Hills 50KM
  • 20 We Run The City 5k (USC vs UCLA Rivalry Run)
  • 20 Walk of Ages XVII 5k Walk Run
  • 20 2016 Mustache Dache
  • 20 Hug A Runner 5K
  • 24 Tofurky Trot 2016 Rose Bowl
  • 24 Turkey Trot Los Angeles 10k, 5k
  • 24 23rd Annual Thanksgiving Day Run & Food Drive 1 mile, 5k
  • 24 Turkey Trot 5k, 10k, 15k, Half Marathon
  • 24 XTERRA Topanga Turkey Trot 10 Mile, Trail
  • 26 Turkey Dash 5k, 10k, 15k, Half Marathon
  • 27 Giving Thanks 5k, 10k, 15k, Half Marathon



>> New York Marathon

  • Phillip Wright 4.22.21
  • Michelle Krok 5.36.45

>> Santa Clarita Marathon

  • Victor Martinez 2.46.24 1st in div
  • Brian Frank 3.48.08 4th
  • Luis Moreira 4.10.43
  • Alejandro Escobedo 4:26:21

>> Santa Clarita Half

  • Juan Zuniga 1.24.29 3rd in div, 12th overall
  • Josue Diaz 1.25.25 1st
  • Jennifer Sunahara 1.38.22 1st in div
  • Jaime Mariscal 1.51.01
  • Ana Saravia 2.07.10
  • Daisy Mendoza 2.07.36
  • Mariela Mariscal 2.17.58
  • Stephanie Acre 2.22.45
  • Eileen McGuire 2.32.37
  • Caroline Shahin 2.35.46
  • Arlene Lewis 3.07.03
  • Dee Dee Urquhart 3.09.39

>> Santa Clarita 5K

  • Diana Durfee 10.32

>> Dinosaur Dash 10K

  • Joe Ogata 50.21 1st in div

>> Dinosaur Dash 5K

  • Joe Ogata 24.41 3rd in div

>> Golden Gate Half

  • Dave Pinnick 1.42.44 2nd in div

>> Malibu Half

  • Melody Dennert 2.09.51

>> Calabasas Classic 5K

  • Ken Kochakji 45.24 3rd in div
  • Sam Wildman 53.34 1st

>> Hard Rock Café 5K

  • Steve Shearer 26.31
  • Ethan Shearer 26.32 1st in div



>> Marathon-Themed Bar a Permanent Mile Marker on First Avenue

Mile 17 opened in 2015 as a testament to the famed stretch of the NYC race.

Technically, the black facade tucked below three brick stories on First Avenue in Manhattan is 100 feet shy of the 17-mile marker and water station on the course of the New York City Marathon.

“But ‘Mile 16.9’ doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well,” said Ed O’Brien, co-owner of the marathon-inspired restaurant and bar called Mile 17.

The temporary mileage sign erected next to tables holding hundreds of water cups on the Upper East Side is only out for one day a year, but for the past 13 months, thirsty and hungry patrons have entered Mile 17 knowing exactly where they are on the five-borough course.

O’Brien and his business partner, Dennis McCoobery, opened the establishment last October. They said the idea came from a spontaneous conversation.


>> Five Kids and Two Speedy Parents Set Separate Stroller World Records

On the same weekend, Suzy Goodwin pushed her triplets and Chris Solarz pushed his two toddlers in record times.

On October 30, the running world saw one stroller record broken and another stroller record set. The best part? These records weren’t for your standard single stroller.

While Chris Solarz pushed his double stroller across the Suffolk County Half Marathon finish line in Long Island, New York, Suzy Goodwin one-upped him with her triple stroller at the North Carolina Halloween Half Marathon in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

It was the eighth world record for Solarz and the first for Goodwin, but both parents couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. Here’s the reason they each wanted to enter the record books with their children by their side.


>> Olympic Triathlon Champ Runs 2:41 in Her Debut Marathon

Gwen Jorgensen came in admittedly underprepared, but ran strong to the end.

Two hours after finishing 14th in 2:41:01 in the New York City Marathon, Gwen Jorgensen looked like any other first-time marathoner. The reigning Olympic triathlon champion moved creakily while navigating the 7-inch step up needed to get to her chair for a post-race press conference.

Jorgensen, 30, wasn’t surprised that she was dealing with a case of ever-so-slightly delayed onset muscle soreness. It was only 11 weeks ago that she became the first American to win the Olympic triathlon, which entails swimming 1.5 kilometers, cycling 40 kilometers, and running 10 kilometers. “I didn’t prepare properly [for the marathon],” Jorgensen said. “I didn’t have enough time.”

Jorgensen ran with the leaders during the relatively slow first few miles. But when the pace dropped to 5:30s, she dropped back.

“I knew for me it wasn’t the best idea to pick it up,” she said. “I just tried to run within myself. I have a huge respect for the distance, the course, and these other runners.”

She ran through 11 miles with Neely Gracey (who went on to place eighth in 2:34:55). Jorgensen passed halfway in 1:15:55, and was starting to feel the effects of not having run farther than 16 miles in training.


>> How Notables Fared at the 2016 NYC Marathon

A look at the race results of several celebrities and notable runners.

Among the more than 50,000 runners taking part in Sunday’s New York City Marathon were several celebrities and notable runners. Here’s how they fared:


>> Wardian Sets Quirky Endurance Record in New York

On Sunday he became the fastest person to complete all six races in the World Marathon Majors series in one year.

Michael Wardian, a 42-year-old ultrarunner from Arlington, Virginia, had a little-known record on the line when he ran the New York City Marathon on Sunday. It was the final race in his quest to become the fastest man to complete the six World Marathon Majors races in a single year.

When he crossed the finish line in 2:33:18, the average time of his six races—the Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York City marathons—was 2:31:09. The previous record marks are unofficial, but it is believed that Japan’s Yutaka Fukuda averaged 2:46 in late 2013 and early 2014. Andrew Bass of Great Britain is believed to hold the best average time in the same calendar year, with the 3:06 average he set in 2013, according to New York Road Runners. The races fall between February and November.

The celebration he has planned? Another record attempt, of course, next weekend at the Las Vegas Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon.

“I’m going next weekend to try to set a world record for the fastest dressed as Elvis,” he said.

That record is 2:42:52, held by fellow ultrarunner Ian Sharman. It will be Wardian’s 40th race of the year.


>> First Quadruplets to Race the NYC Marathon Finish With Hugs and Dinner Debate

Brian, Maria, Jessica, and Amanda Siemann made history in the race’s 46th year.

The sun crept behind the grandstands by the finish line in Central Park as Brian Siemann waited for his sisters. In his lap he clutched three medals. A fourth was draped around his neck. More than six hours earlier, he’d crossed the same spot, taking 16th place overall in the elite wheelchair division, and zipping through the five-borough course in 1:51:06.

He smiled when he saw a cluster of matching blondes approaching. His sisters, Maria, Jessica, and Amanda Siemann bent down together to give their brother a tight group hug. After 6 hours, 59 minutes, and 38 seconds, the 27-year-olds became the first set of quadruplets believed to have finished the New York City Marathon in the same year. The three sisters crossed the line together just before 5 p.m.


>> When Everyone Else Is Gone, This Rowdy Crew Cheers on NYC Marathon's Final Finishers

Well after dark, a dozen people in Columbus Circle welcomed back-of-the-pack runners to Central Park.

The white barriers on the street are gone. Normal traffic has returned, with honks and idling trucks. On the brick sidewalk, a stained white poster keeps getting trampled. In faded white ink it reads, “Welcome to the Finish Line.”

It’s 8:07 p.m., the sun is gone, the roads are open, and people are still finishing the New York City Marathon.

A pedicab driver wearing a military-cut jacket can’t believe it. “Wait, people are still running?” he says. “Why don’t they quit?”

A runner hobbles by. She sees a dozen bundled-up people yelling and clapping at her. They tell her that she is “almost there,” and she has done a “great job.” She has tears in her eyes.

When she hears the encouraging screams, she smiles. She looks surprised, almost as if she is asking herself: Wait, people are still cheering?

She hasn’t quit.

At mile 25.9 of the New York City Marathon, the course takes an abrupt right turn off 59th Street and enters Central Park. During the day, the section on Columbus Circle is one of the rowdiest. As throngs of runners begin their final kick to the finish line, they enter a passageway flanked by grandstands and a stage with a live band. The noise is deafening.

At night, more than eight hours after the race’s winners glided through the exact spot, the grandstands are empty and the stage is gone.

The turn into Central Park is easy to miss.

It would be, that is, if it weren’t for a small group of loud spectators, led by a woman brandishing a homemade sign with an illuminated arrow. Tracey Wilson has been cheering and directing runners toward the marathon’s end in this exact same spot at this exact time for more than a decade. She stays until the bitter end, her sign acting as a beacon for back-of-the-packers.


>> World War II Marine, 96, Finishes Marathon With Shot of Scotch

Jonathan Mendes is believed to be the oldest unofficial finisher in the New York City Marathon's history, crossing the finish line after 11 hours and 23 minutes.

There are 100 meters of asphalt road left between Jonathan Mendes and the finish line of the New York City Marathon, and he still won’t explain exactly why he is doing this. Why, for the past 11 hours and 20 minutes this 96 year-old man has been running—well, not so much running as tottering—26.19 miles through all five of the city’s boroughs.

He looks up and smiles. You can see the creases around his eyes scrunch behind massive, orange-tinted sunglasses. You get the sense that he’d rather not explain himself. You might try and fish for an inspiring answer, some reason why this limping man, wearing a 16-year-old Asics windbreaker, is still out in the 45-degree darkness, but he won’t give one—nothing satisfying, anyway.

As a bomber pilot in the Marines, Jonathan Mendes flew more than 100 missions in World War II and then more than 70 missions in the Korean War. He trained John Glenn and Ted Williams. He graduated from Dartmouth College and Harvard Business School. Now he lives in a spacious apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. He still walks two miles around Central Park’s reservoir every morning at 7:30 a.m., and drinks a scotch every afternoon at 4 p.m.

He doesn’t need to tell you why he’s out here, completing his 16th New York City Marathon. He takes another step forward.


>> An Inside Look at Kevin Hart’s Hood to Coast Run

The world's biggest comedian ran 18 miles in 24 hours, slept in a van, and finished his first official race.

On August 26 and 27, fresh off an international comedy tour where he frequently hosted spontaneous 5Ks, superstar Kevin Hart completed his first official race—Oregon’s Hood to Coast.

Hart joined a team of 12, completing three segments of the 199-mile overnight relay. In 24 hours, he ran just over 18 miles—the most he’d run in a single day. Before putting him on the cover of our November issue, Runner’s World tagged along to get a behind-the-scenes look at his epic running adventure.




>> Happening this week

  • 11/12 - Sat - Adidas Store Run - SM
  • 11/13 - Sun - Top Of Reseda

>> Photos

XC Regional Championship -

Santa Clarita -

Adiddas Store Run -




>> From the NEW BASIN BLUES:

  • 11/12 - Sat - Adidas Store Run - SM


Sullivan Canyon 11/12/16 7:15am

2103 Queensferry Rd, Los Angeles CA 90049

Dog friendly trail with free street parking. Everyone goes at whatever pace you want, crawl, jog, sprint, hike. Meet at 7:15am for announcements and trail directions, then start at 7:30am. Go for sixty minutes, then turn around at 8:30am. When you get back to the starting area, enjoy free refreshments courtesy of Richard T. We welcome hikers and joggers of all ages and abilities. Free refreshments, free parking (but please pay close attention to the signs). We simply ask that you keep your dog on a leash, do not litter, and refrain from discussing politics.

Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.



Saturday mornings - Run starts at Windward Ave & Ocean Front Walk at 7:00

Beginner = 6mi Intermediate = 8mi Advanced = 10mi

Park at Westminster Elementary School in Venice, 1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

>> From the LA LEGGERS:

1450 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401

Sat Nov 12 - 8 miles

6:45 am: Early Preperation for the Marathon , by the Marathon Committee

7:30 am: run or walk

Route: Special Route

Boston Bound 6:45 am - 14 miles

It’s a Mentor Choice weekend! Check with your mentors for what your pace group will be doing.

Happening at 1450 this Saturday:

The Last Distribution for this season of T-Shirts and Goodie Bags

Garage Sale of prior year’s t-shirts and singlets. Bring cash, particularly small bills ($1s and $5s)

Paulselth PT will be holding an Injury Clinics


LoweBucks Run 7am – 9am

26415 Bouquet Canyon Rd Santa Clarita, CA

Saturday run at Lowes parking lot. 10 miles with various marked shorter routes. Coffee afterwards at Starbucks.,+Santa+Clarita,+CA+91350/@34.4266036,-118.5404349,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x80c28773c21cc6e5:0x706ff97546428b08?hl=en


"Beachwood Stairs" Run4Fun - Join us Every Saturday at 7:30am

We will have the Runnergy canopy set up by the lake entrance. We will assist runners with running form and training advice. So come join us for multiple run options. Run below the Hollywood Sign, Beachwood Stairs or for beginners, a run around the Lake. Great group for running/ training together



>> From the NEW BASIN BLUES:

11/13 - Sun - Top Of Reseda @ 8am NOTE LOCATION CHANGE


Nov 13 Ojai: Nordhoff peak loop 7:00 15 miles

The Trail Runners are a congenial group of varied abilities who run different courses in the Santa Monica Mountains every Sunday. The routes are on fire road and single-track trails varying from 9-14 miles, and are pre-marked for each run. Schedule and course descriptions can be found at . Written descriptions of many of the courses can be found in 50 Trail Runs in Southern California, written by club members. For further info, call 310-379-1068 of email us at You have a lot to gain, and not much to lose by giving it a try.

>> From the LA RUNNING CLUB:

Every Sunday – Totem Pole – 7:00 am: San Vicente and Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica


Tread lightly,


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