Steve Matsuda's Runners Report


  • RESULTS: LAM; Big 5K; Rockin' Shamrock
  • WEEKEND RACES: Spring Equinox; CRUISE THE SHORELINE; VALENCIA Trail; March Madness; LA Womens; Claremont Classic; Cottontail; AEA; Nine Trails
  • LOCALLY-SOURCED: LAM Records Pranks; Leggers Summer
  • DID YOU SEE THAT: Extreme Boston Ritual; Ditch Apps; Who Races? Puppy Namesakes; Lifetime Podcast; Runners and Prostate Cancer; Doris on Map
  • NEW BASIN BLUES: This Week; Congrats to LAMers; Cheseboro HOKA; Board Openings; Jerseys; Upcoming Races; Pics from LAM
  • NOT RUNNING BUT: MUST SEE Talent; Animal Cannibals



  • NEW BASIN BLUES - Racing Series Kickoff at Hand-Brewed Beer - 6:30pm



  • SANTA MONICA MOUNTAIN GOATS - Westridge - 7:15
  • LA ROADRUNNERS/LA RUNNING CLUB - Medal Run at Totem Pole in Santa Monica - 7:00
  • LA LEGGERS - On Hiatus for Summer
  • SANTA CLARITA RUNNERS - Santa Clarita for up to 10 miles - 7:00
  • TRAIL RUNNERS CLUB - Santa Cruz Island trip - 7:15
  • Spring Equinox 5K, 10K, 15K, Half Marathon
  • VALENCIA Trail Race Ultra, Half Marathon
  • March Madness 2, 4, 8 and 16 Miler
  • Santa Barbara Nine Trails 35 Mile -


  • NEW BASIN BLUES - Cheseboro - 8:00
  • TRAIL RUNNERS CLUB - Ray Miller - Scenic Trail for 10.7 miles - 7:00
  • SANTA CLARITA RUNNERS - Granary Square for 10 miles - 6:30
  • LA RUNNING CLUB - Totem Pole in Santa Monica - 7:00
  • Los Angeles Womens 5K
  • Claremont Classic
  • Cottontail Half Marathon 5k 10k




March 2017

  • 27 SPRING 7 DAY 1 10k, 5k, Half Marathon, Marathon
  • 29 SPRING 7 DAY 3 10k, 5k, Half Marathon, Marathon
  • 31 SPRING 7 DAY 5 10k, 5k, Half Marathon, Marathon

April 2017

  • 01 Operation Restart Half Marathon, 5k/10k and All Patriots Mile
  • 01 Dole Great Race: Road Half, Trail Half, Team Marathon, 10K, 5K
  • 01 Bishop Alemany Color Run 5K
  • 01 Old Goats 50KM / 50M -
  • 02 ROCK INTO SPRING (SPRING 7 DAY 7) 10k, 5k, Half Marathon, Marathon
  • 02 The Outstanding 5k, 10k, 15k, Half Marathon
  • 02 Coaster Run at Six Flags Magic Mountain 5/10K
  • 08 2017 Hollywood Half Marathon 5k / 10k
  • 08 World Health Day 5k, 10k, 15k and Half Marathon
  • 08 Santa Anita Derby Day 5k
  • 08 Bunny Dash 5k, 10k, 15k, Half Marathon
  • 08 Oriflamme 50KM -
  • 15 Ahmanson 12K Trails-
  • 16 Easter Fun 5k, 10k, 15k, Half Marathon
  • 22 Cosmo 7k - All Women's Race - Pomona
  • 22 Race it Forward 10K
  • 22 Little Sisters of the Poor 3rd Annual 5K
  • 22 Leslie Cohen Law 5K
  • 22 BLAST THE BEACH Half Marathon
  • 22 El Segundo Run- for Education 5K|10K
  • 22 Leona Divide 50KM / 50M -
  • 23 Earth Day 5k, 10k, 15k and Half Marathon
  • 23 Silverlake Conservatory of Music 5K Funk Run
  • 23 EPIC Series Los Angeles Obstacle Race
  • 29 The Foundation of Hope and Innovation's 3rd Annual 5K
  • 29 Rad Run 5K
  • 29 March for Marrow LA 2017 5K
  • 29 Color Fun Fest 5K Los Angeles
  • 30 "Run the Rocks!" Jack's Angels Relay for Research 5/10K
  • 30 MAD DAY MADNESS 5k, 10k, 15k, Half Marathon
  • 30 Bruin Run/Walk 5K
  • 30 5K Run For Hope In-Memory Walk



>> LA Marathon

  • Jayson Warsuma 3:15:47
  • Chris Hartley 3.19.24
  • Andy Kumeda 3:23:20
  • Carlos Magana 3.27.58
  • Alez Vasquez 3.38.52
  • Todd Covert 3.29.56
  • Lubos Brieda 3.29.59
  • Philip Steinman 3.36.39
  • Hamid Rostamian 3:44:54
  • Mike Stephens 3:53:39
  • Julie Hardin 3.53.51
  • Michelle Krok 3.59.25
  • Paul Schuster 4.03.01
  • Joe Ogata 4.04.02
  • Ana Saravia 4.18.52
  • Marie Steinman 4.24.08
  • Masami Fukuhara 4.24.46
  • Mike Kukuchka 4.32.56
  • Ben Gaetos 5:12:41
  • Shannon Farar-Griefer 5:14:11
  • Donn Ozaki 5:16:13
  • Elena Lerner 5.19.13
  • Mitchell Jacoves 5:19:23
  • Stephanie Acre 5.23.36
  • Julie Weiss 5:42:42
  • Caroline Shahin 5.51.12
  • Romario Snow 5:54:43
  • Jan Yu 6:24:55
  • Charlotte Lee Jamieson 6:29:59
  • Elllen Demsky 6.43.37
  • Linda Parrott 6.45.12
  • Carrie Jacoves 7:07:40
  • Dee Dee Urquhart 7.21.10
  • Pat Devita 7:21:51 3rd in div
  • Sherri Devita 7:21:52
  • Ariana Gordon 7:31:58
  • Steve Matsuda 7.45.34
  • Alan Culver 7:45:57

>> LA Big 5K

  • Jennifer Sunahara 19.47 2nd in div, 2nd female overall
  • Mario Diaz 28.07 4th in div

>> Rockin' Shamrock 5K

  • Josue Diaz 18.54 1st in div, 3rd overall
  • Norma Gonzales 21.11 6.49 1st female, 4th overall
  • Joesph D'Ambra 33.49
  • Adeline D'Ambra 39.10



>> Costumed runners set their own records at L.A. Marathon

There were some world records set Sunday at the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon, but not the type that elite runners covet.

There was the fastest marathon by someone dressed as a car. Fastest marathon by someone dressed as a three-dimensional bird. And fastest marathon by someone wearing lederhosen.

“It’s exciting to see people who are so passionate about things get to achieve their dreams,” said Kaitlin Holl, records manager for Guinness Book of World Records.

Among the other winning categories were the fastest marathons by people dressed as a swimmer, boxer, tennis player, fast-food item (hot dog) and in pajamas.

Some of the attempts that failed were fastest marathons by runners dressed as a fisherman and postman. Also, one runner dressed as a tennis player beat the other.

>> 8 Crazy Records Set at 2017 L.A. Marathon

Guinness provided on-site verification for several obscure marathon record attempts.

Nearly 20,000 runners completed the 2017 Los Angeles Marathon, but only a handful of finishers went home being able to boast that they set a world record.

That’s because new to this year’s race was that Guinness World Records partnered with the event to provide on-site verification for any runner looking to enter the record books. Eight runners suited up in costumes—ranging from a 3D flamingo to a Mario Kart—and took advantage of the opportunity. Some records had previously been set, while others were brand new. (Guinness’s team creates minimum standards for all new categories based on similar existing marks or difficulty.) Check out the eight records below.

>> Kimmel’s Cousin Sal Pranks L.A. Marathon Again

But no glued-down water bottles this time.

Jimmy Kimmel’s ever-helpful Cousin Sal was back at the L.A. Marathon on Sunday, badgering, amusing, and of course, feeding runners. From crab legs to cotton candy, he served up all their fueling needs. And the gear—well, what's better than a fresh set of crew socks midway through the race?

Sal has been a fixture (and so have his water bottles) at Mile 11 the past few years.

>> From the LA LEGGERS:

Training - Summer Fun Runs

The official L.A. LEGGERS training program is on hiatus for the summer. The new training season will be announced later this year.

But don’t let that stop you from getting your run or walk on! During the off-season, many of our pace groups meet informally on Saturday mornings for fun runs or walks. Most of the groups leave around 7 a.m. from 1450 Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica, although meeting times and locations vary by pace group.

The numbers in the name of each group below correspond to the minute-per-mile pace of the group.



>> The Extreme Boston Marathon Ritual That Shows I’ve Completely Lost It

No detail is too small to practice. And that includes the bus ride out to the start.

... running the Boston Marathon makes this advice tricky to follow. The race starts late morning on a Monday, on a point-to-point course that requires a lengthy bus ride to the start if you’re staying in the city. Those quirks have thrown off more than one well-prepared runner’s carefully honed eating, sleeping, and bathroom schedule.

This April 17 will mark my sixth time running Boston. Although I can’t claim to have completely solved this preparation problem, I’ve found a way to reduce its effects. Many runners spend time studying the course and visualizing the race itself, and some even do a course simulation workout.

I take things a bizarre step further and do a dry run of my entire 36-hour prerace routine. Here’s exactly what that entails:

>> How I Ditched My Fitness Apps and Finally Learned to Love My Body

It turns out simplicity was the health tip I needed most to improve my relationship with my body and start losing weight.

...I wanted things to change. I wanted to just eat like a normal person. I wanted to not think about my weight every hour of every day. I wanted to stop mentally categorizing foods as “good” or “bad.” I wanted to go to the gym because I wanted to, and not because it felt like I had to. I wanted to be free.

I wish I could tell you exactly how long this cycle continued, but I honestly can’t remember. All the unhappiness and the desperation and the starting over have blurred together into one long, miserable stretch. That is, until about eight months ago, when I’d finally had enough.

So, I canceled my gym membership. I stuck my FitBit and heart rate monitor in a drawer and let the batteries run out. I deleted all the health apps from my phone. Maybe this was just the size I was going to be and maybe that wasn’t the worst thing. Maybe I could learn to like the body I already had.

And then, the weirdest thing happened: I kind of…did?

It turns out, when you aren’t constantly trying to change your body, you can actually start to see it for what it is. Even weirder: when you stop hating your body, you also start wanting to take care of it.

>> How a Simple Question Gave This Runner a New Perspective on Road Racing

“Who runs these races?” the man asked. It was something he had never thought about.

Last Saturday, I mentioned to Fred that I was a few weeks away from running my first 30K race: Hamilton’s Around the Bay, in Ontario. It’s the oldest road race in North America, and it’s just a couple hours from my house.

Not being familiar, Fred asked me “Who runs these races?”

Admittedly I was quite confused by the question. I had never really thought about it.

“Everyone,” I said. It was the most truthful answer I could think of.

“Men and women?” “Yes.”

“All ages?” “Yes.”

“All religions?” “Yes.”

“I think this is one of mankind’s greatest achievements, to have an event that everyone participates in as equals. That would never happen in many parts of the world, especially where I am from. We could never even imagine this happening in our lifetime.”

I’ve always been glad for our running community and the friendships that it offers. But I think next time I am standing at the starting line, I’m going to take a look around me and truly appreciate all that our community stands for.

>> Two Guide-Dog Puppies Will be Named After Boston Marathon Winners

The pooches, who aren’t born yet, may become training partners for visually-impaired runners.

The winners of the 2017 Boston Marathon each receive $250,000 and international acclaim. But this year, their motivation to reach Boylston Street first just got cuter.

The New York-based nonprofit Guiding Eyes for the Blind, which breeds and trains guide dogs for visually-impaired people around the country, will name two puppies after the male and female Boston champions.

The facility expects a litter to arrive on Marathon Monday or the day after, at which time the two pups will receive the seriously speedy names.

“We saw all the wonderful diversity of names these runners have and just thought this makes a whole lot of sense,” Thomas Panek, the CEO of the organization, told Runner’s World. Panek, himself visually impaired, is training to complete his fourth Boston Marathon.

“Once they are born, it takes about two years for them to be fully trained and matched with their visually-impaired handler,” Panek said. “We plan on following these two puppies throughout the training process.”

>> RW Podcast: A Lifetime of Running

What it takes to run 200,000 lifetime miles; how to get your kids started running.

- Carolyn Mather has logged more lifetime miles than any other female runner—without even really knowing about it. We caught up with Carolyn to see how it feels to hold this title, and what it is, exactly, that keeps her going. (2:33)

- A real-life lesson on running with kids—and how to make sure they have a blast when hitting the road. (18:01)

- In the Kick, remembering the legendary Ed Whitlock, the many national titles for Edward Cheserek, and a lap-counting snafu on the indoor track. (27:36)

>> What Runners Need to Know About Prostate Cancer

Doctors say that recent high-profile cases should remind athletes that they’re not exempt from screenings.

The deaths and diagnoses of high-profile runners with prostate cancer is bringing fresh attention to the disease, its relative absence of symptoms, and the need for regular screenings.

Canadian masters legend Ed Whitlock died this month of prostate cancer, five months after he ran a marathon in 3:56:33 at age 85. Don McNelly, who completed 744 marathons and claimed the record for the most marathons run by anyone over 80, died last month in New York after surviving prostate cancer in his 60s.

Both cases should serve as reminders to runners that they’re not invincible, doctors say.

“There is kind of this sense [among athletes] that, ‘I’m healthy, I exercise, I run, I don’t need to see a doctor,’” says Matthew Tollefson, M.D., a urologist at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota who treats men with prostate cancer and himself a runner. “And therefore they don’t get checked as often.”

In fact, research shows that exercise can forestall many kinds of cancer. But that doesn’t mean runners are safe from it. Cancer has passed heart disease as the number one killer of Americans under 85.

>> 50 Years Ago, Doris Brown Put U.S. Women’s Distance Running on the Map

In March 1967, she became the first women’s international cross-country champion.

One of America’s greatest distance running talents had one major flaw: She was too fast for her time.

Up until 1967, the longest race for women that was contested in international competition was the Olympic 800 meters. That changed 50 years ago, on March 18, 1967, when the International Cross-Country Union added a 2.5-mile women’s championship.

The winner was Doris Brown, now Doris Brown Heritage, who had to pay her own way to the race from Seattle to Barry, Wales.

Once she got there, she simply ran away from the field. She won by 37 seconds, an estimated 200 yards. With only one other American there, Patricia Cole, there was no team to score for.

The new championship—and its unknown American star—had a mixed reception.

“At that first awards presentation, I had a standing ovation from all the men,” said Heritage, now 74. “Some English journalists knew more about me than I knew myself.”

Back home in the U.S., though, things were different. She cherished her tiny medal (even though the men’s trophy was huge), but her country didn’t see fit to fund her travel. “We thought after my win, the USA surely would send a team the next year, and indeed, we won in 1968—but again it was our friends and neighbors who helped financially, not our federation.”



>> Happening This Week

  • Fri 3/24 - Hand-Brewed Beer Social
  • Sun 3/26 - Cheseboro

>> Blues News

  • < Congratulations to all the club members who ran in the LA Marathon on Sunday. Check out the results.
  • < This Sunday March 26th we'll be running at Cheseboro. It's a great opportunity to run the roads or trails you'll be running at the Great Race of Agoura. Victor, club member and HOKA rep, will be there to fit/distribute demo models of HOKA shoes.
  • < Plenty of spots still open for anyone who'd like to serve on the board!
  • < 2017 NBB Jerseys Are Here!

This year we partnered with Rabbit, a running apparel company based in Santa Barbara. Their products are manufactured here in Los Angeles, where they can keep a close eye on production and quality control.

Both men's and women's jerseys are made with their proprietary rabbitMESH material. rabbitMESH is a perforated, tight-mesh fabric that is lightweight, breathable, cling free and sag resistant. A perfect top for hikes, runs and relaxing!

- rabbitMESH is made of 92% poly/ 8% spandex

- Super lightweight quick drying

- Slim-fit but not tight

Pricing - Jerseys are specially priced at $30 until April 22. After 4/22 the price will increase to $40 (we are receiving a discount for ordering in bulk).

Purchase Jerseys -

< Upcoming Races

  • The Great Race of Agoura 10K is on April 1st. Sign up and run to gets points in the first race of the first NBB Race Series!
  • Weekend of May 13th - NBB Race Trip 2017 - Muir Woods!

>> PICS - 2017 LA Marathon





>> Romanians Got Talent - MUST SEE


"Cannibalism has been recorded in at least 14 species of carnivores. In pumas (Puma concolor), lynx (Lynx lynx), leopards (Panthera pardus), and sea lions (Phocarctos hookeri), it appears to occur for many of the usual reasons, including stress (due to lack of food), elimination of rivals, and increased mating opportunities.

"Heterocannibalism, in this case, eating the cubs that another male sired, is clearly a reproductive strategy in male lions (Panthera leo) after taking over a pride. Through the practice of infanticide, the incoming males terminate the maternal investment in unrelated cubs. A lioness with cubs will not come into heat for a year and a half after giving birth, but similar to what has been observed in other mammals, a lioness that loses her cubs becomes sexually receptive almost immediately. ...



>> From the NEW BASIN BLUES:

NBB Racing Series Kickoff

This Friday, March 24, let's celebrate our teammates who completed the LA Marathon and say hello to spring racing by kicking off our NBB race series, which begins next month!

We'll have 2017 NBB uniforms for sale (jersey sizes available for try-on), beer from our partner Hand Brewed Beer and free hot dogs. Come and spend next Friday night with the team! Friends and family of all ages are welcome.

Event Details

Friday, March 24 @ 6:30-10pm

Hand Brewed Beer - 9771 Variel Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311

Pricing: $5-$7 for full pours, options available for flights and tasters




Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 7:15am at Westridge

3500 Westridge Road, Los Angeles, CA.

Free street parking but please respect the neighbors who may still be asleep, no yelling and slam your car doors quietly. There's a very small dirt parking lot at the top of Westridge Road where the paved street ends and the trail begins, but it's usually already full, so street parking is your best option.

Dogs are permitted on leashes attached to responsible owners. Hikers, joggers, runners of all ages, sizes, and abilities are welcome.

We meet at 7:15am to 1) discuss trail directions ("go straight, turn around, come back"), 2) say hello to new folks (we like to make a good impression because once you get to really know us...), and most importantly 3) to find out where the post-run refreshments will be (please say "thank you" to Liz and mean it).

We start promptly at 7:30am and everyone goes at any speed they want for 60 minutes, then at 8:30am everyone turns around to return to the starting area. Yeah, it's THAT simple. The hardest part is to stop making excuses and just show up. The even harder part is not coming, then seeing all the amazing photos afterwards in your Facebook feed or on our website, you know the ones where your friends are smiling and frolicking and the scenery is amazing and you can tell just by looking that the air was brilliantly fresh, and then you feel even more like a sad little failure for sleeping in on your pathetic old bed that you've had since high school or maybe it was college with sheets that have desperately needed washing since December.

WE ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF DRINK DUTY VOLUNTEERS FOR EVERY SATURDAY DURING THE MONTH OF APRIL. Please volunteer by sending an email to otherwise prepare to pay the price: You've been warned. Here's your chance to be a hero.

Someday is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you.


>> From Jan of the LA ROADRUNNERS RW5:

Post-marathon medal run this Saturday morning at 7am. We meet at the totem pole on San Vicente and Ocean Blvd.

Free parking is available on Georgina or Margarita. Come early for best parking spots. Your pace leaders along with RW3 and RW5 will have donuts, coffee, quiche, and fruit etc....

Running before LARR starts in September: Two groups

1. LARC (Los Angeles Running Club)

This is where most of the PLs run during the summer on Saturday's. Meet at the Totem Pole tables. This is where our second water was during our training runs.

2. SBRC (South Bay Runners Club)

>> From the LA LEGGERS:

During the summer, many of our pace groups meet informally on Saturday mornings.


LoweBucks Run 7am – 9am

26415 Bouquet Canyon Rd Santa Clarita, CA

Saturday run at Lowes parking lot. 10 miles with various marked shorter routes. Coffee afterwards at Starbucks.,+Santa+Clarita,+CA+91350/@34.4266036,-118.5404349,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x80c28773c21cc6e5:0x706ff97546428b08?hl=en


Mar 25 Santa Cruz Island trip 7:15

This is an all day trip, taking the boat to the Island, run, have lunch and take the boat back. Only for members that signed up in February.




>> From the NEW BASIN BLUES:

03/26 - Sun - Cheseboro @ 8AM

Meet at the Old Agoura City Park


Mar 26 Ray Miller - Scenic Trail 7:00 10.7 mi.

The Trail Runners are a congenial group of varied abilities who run different courses in the Santa Monica Mountains every Sunday. The routes are on fire road and single-track trails varying from 9-14 miles, and are pre-marked for each run. Schedule and course descriptions can be found at . Written descriptions of many of the courses can be found in 50 Trail Runs in Southern California, written by club members. For further info, call 310-379-1068 of email us at You have a lot to gain, and not much to lose by giving it a try.


6:30 10 miles

Granary Square - Ralph's Parking Lot. McBean/Arroyo Park Dr

>> From the LA RUNNING CLUB:

Every Sunday – Totem Pole – 7:00 am: San Vicente and Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica


Tread lightly,


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