NBB Racing

This is what our racing season looks like:

September thru November

This period is our official USATF XC season where we race as a team. You must register with USATF and affiliate yourself with New Basin Blues (club 653) to receive points from USATF.   There are 7 races in the series; tentatively we will participate in 4 races:

Season Schedule >>>


July thru August

Every summer local High Schools and Colleges put up on these fundraising races that help students prepare for their up coming XC season. We are not racing these as a team; however, it would be a good idea to jump into these races  to fine tune your racing for our upcoming USATF XC season.  Below is a list of local popular races and a little blurb about them.

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Year round

NBB does not have a track or ultra marathon season but we have members who participate in these events and we would like to show our support. Please consider spectating and cheering on teammates

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April thru August

The NBB Race series was was create so that all NBB members could participate in races as a team. We felt the USATF series was a little too intimidating for some and so we hand picked local races that members recommended and felt comfortable racing.

Season Schedule >>>