NBB Racing USATF XC Series

2017 Race Schedule

You must register with USATF and affiliate yourself with New Basin Blues (club 653) to receive points from USATF.   There are 6 races in the series; NBB we will participate in the four  highlighted races below :

How USATF Club Scoring Works >>>

Race Jersey:

USATF rules state all team divisions must match tops I.E. open women team tops must match each other, Master women can have their own uniform tops as long as all the master women match.


That said here is our plan for 2017


Our official club racing jersey is from Rabbit Apparel. Our club patnered with Rabbit apparel, they gave us a discount on our race jerseys and 20% discount code for everything in their online store. You can find the discount code in the weekly club newsletter.  To purchase an NBB race jersey  click here:  Buy Race Jersey>>>


Sponsored teams have different race jerseys and they are to be determined by the sponsor.

2017 NBB Team Roster and confirmed racing

Team Roster

Season Standings and Results

2017 XC Season >>>

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