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Posted 2015/12/13 12:05:18
We are so proud of this crew for going up against the best in the country and representing our club at the USATF XC Club nationals. 

Posted 2015/12/06 19:43:18
Pictures from The Beast Run.
Photo Credit : Mariela Mariscal

Posted 2015/12/06 19:39:38
Scenes from the Green Bag program - Organizing/ bundling prep work before delivering to Skid Row

Posted 2015/12/06 19:29:34
Pictures form the Mountaingate Thr night run

Posted 2015/12/03 16:24:43
NBB members have been donating clothing and shoes to the Green Bag Program throughout the year, and now it’s time to bundle/organize these donations. This notice is a bit late, but if you have some free time this weekend Duffy would greatly appreciate your help. He’ll be at Golden State Storage on Saturday and Sunday, along with other NBB members. For more details please visit this link: 

Posted 2015/11/29 18:35:38
Yeah we run this mountain too.

Big thanks to Blingmaster Sandy for hooking us up with our hardware and hosting today's run. We'll be sharing our USATF XC Grand Prix 3rd place award with the club all month. Who wants to wear it next?


Posted 2015/11/26 14:03:16
It's been a tradition for over 30 years to run the very hilly and very scenic Rocky Peak Park.

This year our LA Valley Runner friends and Conejo Valley Runner joined us for a morning run. Jon shared an awesome apple cake and we all sang happy birthday to Polo and had a cheesecake to celebrate.  Great start to thanksgiving day.

Here are the pictures from today's run

Posted 2015/11/23 00:27:06
Trail running at its finest. These are pictures from today's run on Stunt High Trail

Posted 2015/11/21 15:34:54
Congratulations to all that participated in today's Griffith Park Half Marathon. Great event put on by @keira.henninger. Hope you all liked that original 60's Batman theme song we played while you ran inside the Bronson Cave. @barryfreeman33 , sorry we missed a photo op of you while we were setting up our jam. And Akiko you looked awesome out there, very impressive. We need you in our XC team next year! 

Posted 2015/11/15 21:29:12
To all the friends we made this year and all the long time NBB members who followed our lead. Thank you for participating and supporting us. Today we let everybody know NBB is not only a social run club but sometimes when we run together as a team we mean business. It doesn’t take 1 or 2 fast runners; today it took all of 19 NBB runners to earn  3rd place in all of southern California. 
This is how we did in today’s regional USATF XC race.
  • Polo was top 5 in the Masters race
  • Maggie was 2nd place in the Grand Prix
  • Ismael was 3rd in the the Grand Prix
  • Helga 1st in age division
  • And  everybody scored points that contributed to the 3rd place team finish for the XC season 

Official Results

Masters    |    Women    |    Open


  • Sandy's Pictures : Here
  • Rene's Pictures :

Posted 2015/11/10 16:51:00
Sunday's run will take place at Top Of Reseda.

Also on Sunday over 20 NBB members will be competing in the USATF XC Champtionship. If you are participating or wish to spectate  here's what you need to know.
  • Race entry is $20 on race day. There is no online registration.
  • If you are not on this list before 11/11/2015 then you will have to pay $25
    Race entry list
  • To participate you must be a USATF member,  you can purchase a membership at the meet for the annual fee of $30.00
  • The address and more info is on the race flyer : Here

Posted 2015/11/09 12:59:13
On Sunday we scoped out the USATF XC Grand Prix Championship course. A 2K shady mostly dirt trail loop inside the La Crescenta Valley Park. But we weren't alone, our competition, the ARC Elite Racing Project, was also running the course. We ended up having nice picnic with them after the run. Here's a pic of our two clubs before the big race.

Posted 2015/11/07 20:09:12
Pictures from Ray Miller

Posted 2015/11/04 12:04:20
This Thursday (11/05) we will meet at Sherman Oaks Park and run this workout :
3 x 800m, 5min rest, 1 Mile 
Run starts at 6:30pm
Meetup location details : Here

photo credit : Deirdre Hamilton

Posted 2015/10/31 20:25:56
few notes on run location
Posted 2015/10/28 02:45:45
Posted 2015/10/25 23:30:51
Our Jogger / Walker / Hiking group  went off-roading today and tackled the 16.8% grade Temescal Climb. 

Posted 2015/10/25 02:56:48
Chasing course records in the Twilight

Posted 2015/10/19 13:45:25
Some important details for this weeks race
  • Race start time: 5pm, yes this is an evening race
  • Registration : No online or pre-registration available. Race Entry fee is $16 cash only
  • Parking fee is $5 , cash only
  • Carpooling : Let’s all meet on race day at Balboa Park at 2:30pm  and coordinate then
  • There is no team scoring, only USATF scoring
  • Official Website: http://www.trackinfo.org/twilight.html
  • Race Location: Arroyo Verde Park, Ventura CA
    101 Freeway exit  Victoria Avenue turn right 
    Foothill Rd turn left
    first traffic light. Turn right into the park. It is opposite the end of Day Road.
2014 Pictures

Posted 2015/10/18 18:09:31
pictures from today's cool drizzly run